On June 16th, I will be running the San Francisco Marathon to raise funds for, and awareness to, the Adenoid Cystic Carcinomia Research Foundation (ACCRF) in memory of my father, Gene Carlson. Here I will be writing about my training leading up to the big day.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 16!

It's finally here!  Week 16 is here!!  I've mentioned the training plan that I will be using for San Francisco - Run Less, Run Faster.  It is a 16 week plan that starts this week!  I'm excited that I can finally start the official weekly countdown.  I've been running and building endurance since registering for the marathon but finally starting the official 16-week plan is really exciting.

I will be running three days a week - speed drills on Monday, tempo runs on Friday and long runs on Sunday (give or take any weekly shake ups due to scheduling issues).  I will also be doing lots of cross training in the form of spinning, step classes and strength training.  Every Monday, I'll post the planned workouts for the week for those of you that would like to play along.  Anyone??  Crickets.

This week:

Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: Speed: 3 x 1600m in 7:30 (400m RI)
Wednesday: Spin; Body Pump
Thursday: Step
Friday: Body Pump and Tempo Run: 2 miles easy; 2 miles at 8:04; 2 miles easy
Saturday: off
Sunday: Long Run: 13 miles at 9:27

In the last month, I've already gotten in several successful long runs (16, 18, and 2 20-milers) so I'm feeling good about my endurance level.  Now I need to focus on hill training (hello San Francisco!) in addition to continuing to build the endurance for the big 26.2.  Here we go!

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